Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta Achives a Stunning 90% Increase in Direct Bookings With Omni Hotelier Booking Engine’s Promo Code

Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta, a part of the Adi Dharma Hotel Group, is an exceptional hotel located in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. This hotel offers comfortable accommodations and luxurious amenities to their guests. Strategically situated near the beach, popular tourist attractions, and shopping centers in Kuta, Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta provides a variety of comfortable rooms, a beautiful swimming pool, a restaurant serving delicious cuisine, and friendly and professional services.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta is their commitment to delivering an exceptional guest experience. They understand that to win the hearts of guests, a hotel must offer more than just comfortable lodging. Therefore, Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta utilizes Omni Hotelier Booking Engine to enhance guest experiences and foster loyalty.

Promo Code: Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta’s Secret Weapon

A pivotal step taken by Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta is harnessing the power of the Promo Code feature offered by Omni Hotelier Booking Engine. They promote this promo code through social media and customer relationship management (CRM), creating a strong attraction for potential guests to book directly.

This Promo Code serves as a special reward for repeat guests and those who choose to make direct bookings through the hotel’s website (via the convenient ‘Member Deal’ pop-up on the website).

Why is the Promo Code So Effective?

Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta decided to implement Promo Codes because this strategy allows the hotel to offer lower prices to guests compared to Online Travel Agents (OTAs), while still maintaining higher profit margins than OTAs. The use of Promo Codes also helps address pricing disparity issues with OTAs, which can often confuse guests.

However, more importantly, Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta ensures that the use of Promo Codes adds value to the guest experience. Guests choose to book directly due to better prices and special packages offered through these promo codes. This provides guests with a better experience and increases their loyalty to the hotel.

Impressive Results

Over the past three months, Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta has seen a remarkable increase in revenue contributions from the use of Promo Codes. In June, the contribution was 75%, which then increased to 88% in July, ultimately reaching 90% in August.

This is concrete evidence that this strategy not only successfully boosts direct bookings but also significantly impacts revenue positively.

What Can We Learn?

The success story of Adi Dharma Hotel Kuta teaches us that utilizing Promo Codes as a tool to enhance direct bookings is a smart move that other hotels can consider. It’s essential not only to offer better prices but also to provide added value to your guests.

Currently, Omni Hotelier Booking Engine is being used across all Adi Dharma Hotel properties. Adi Dharma Hotel and Omni Hotelier are committed to maintaining and strengthening this excellent partnership.

“Using Omni Hotelier Booking Engine, especially the Promo Code feature, we have successfully increased direct bookings through our website while maintaining our relationships with other partners,” said Mr. Gede Pastiama, Sales Manager at Adi Dharma Hotel.

Want to learn more about this outstanding property? Visit their website here.

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