Channel Manager

Don’t waste your time by manually updating your extranets channel. Now, you’ll have much time to make mind blowing strategies.

OmniH Channel Manager

Realtime Channel Distribution Tools


Faster get room reservation with integrated in the best distribution channel.


Integrated with more than 200 distribution channels across the world.


Analytic features will help you on decision making.

OmniH Channel Manager

Give More Decrease Costs and Increase Hotel Revenue

Nothing could be more fun than able to manage all of your channel distribution accounts in one dashboard. You can also change rates & availability and make instant updates anytime.

Share inventory across channels and update it when it is sold in real time. The powerful and nifty dashboard will boost your success.

sale more Ultimate Revenue Booster

Double-booking? Say no more! Channel manager provides automatic and direct updates on every marketing channel. There are more than 200 channels that can be synchronized with daily operations.

Omni Hotelier Channel Manager

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